Now Here…Showers, Bike Storage and Changing Facilities

We are pleased to announce that the Landlord has completed the works to provide common shower and bike storage facilities on site at Mabgate for all occupiers. They believe that these facilities provide an added dimension to the property and fulfill the needs of the modern occupier, many of whom now travel by bicycle to work.

The ground floor of Mill 7 is now fitted-out with 16 bike racks and lockers suitable for securing any type of bike (including road bikes, mountain bikes or traditional bikes).  The bike store is accessible only by those with the security code and this valuable facility is available to all occupiers at Mabgate Mills.

Works also recently completed include the provision of one new shower on 2nd floor of Mill 2 and a further one on the  2nd floor of Mill 1.

The use of these facilities is available at nil cost to the occupiers at Mabgate Mills.